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Your hosts – The Jocher family

The farmer Sepp and his wife Anna create a familiar ambience at the farm Frötscherhof. At the farm Frötscherhof, you will enjoy heavenly peace and discover the genuine farm life.

There is plenty for us to do in the stables and with the animals, on the fields and in the garden with berries and herbs. Moreover, we take good care of our guests. Although the three boys, Philip, Georg and Hannes, are still in school and studying, on the weekends and in the summer they help us with our farm work. Enjoy the relaxed feeling of being well looked after.

The beekeeper of the house is the Grandma Traudl, because she knows exactly how to deal with the bee colony.

Her other passion is cake baking. Grandma’s cakes taste simply the best!“

The Jocher family