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Farm products

Made with lots of love

What makes a vacation unique? It takes quite a few ingredients: the country and its people should be friendly, the weather perfect and the food delicious, a culinary delight of lasting value. For such enjoyments, of course, you need products of the absolute best quality – organically grown and made with lots of love. In our farm shop at the farm Frötscherhof you will therefore find many organic products from our own production. They carry the powerful energy of our region and are as healthy as our lush meadows and the clear mountain air.

A traditional farm holiday in South Tyrol also includes home-made farm products. Every day we provide fresh and naturally organic quality products directly from our farm. Enjoy fresh cow’s milk, yoghurt, free-range eggs, delicious homemade jams, oven-fresh, homemade spelled rolls, sun-ripened fruits, and many other farm products.

„Special people choose special places and these are special places of power.“

Farm Shop

Welcome to our Farm Shop – It is open for everyone!

Fresh organic products from the farm shop – our farm shop is open for you!
Only the best quality and genuine origins: delicious foods from the farm shop.

Organic products From the farm Frötscherhof

Our natural and organic products will enhance your holiday and offer a hearty, delicious taste on your plate. In our farm shop we offer you aromatic herbal salt, yoghurt, yoghurt cream cheese, organic spelt grain, spelt bran, spelt meal, chutneys, apple juice and eggs from free-range chickens. We also have sweet temptations such as jams, fruit juices, syrups and compotes made from our own berries and fruit. Our bakery also delivers fresh rolls and crispy wood-fired bread every day – simply perfect for your breakfast table. But by the way, we bake the delicious whole meal spelt rolls ourselves. Just try them and see for yourself how wonderfully they taste! Perhaps you will discover a nice present for loved ones at home in our farm shop?

Organic products From the farm Frötscherhof


Organic products straight from the farm

A vacation is the best time of the year.

The farm Frötscherhof gives foremost importance to natural organic farm products. Health awareness is more important than ever, the high quality and authenticity are unmistakable.

A vacation that creates lasting memories.

Upon request, every morning we deliver a breakfast basket to your apartment door. And that is a real farm holiday. Simply indulge!

Products close to nature and quality are very much appreciated during a vacation on the farm Frötscherhof in South Tyrol.

Organic products straight from the farm

Organic Meat

Organic meat from heifers on 950 m above sea level.

From suckler herds

Good meat is a source of energy and a delicacy. Our animals have a fine life, a playpen, lots of space, lots of fresh air, hay, grass, and good water. And they may even romp and play in the snow.

We operate suckler cow husbandry. This means that the calves are fed by their mother for up to a year and spend the entire time with her in the herd on the pasture and in the barn.

From keeping to consumption, our organic meat is of the highest quality. We give the meat enough time to mature, then cut it ready-to-use and vacuum seal it in the appropriate portion.

We only pack meat parcels if you order in advance. If you wish, we can deliver them to your home for a small surcharge.

Smoked sausages (“Kaminwurzen”) and salami are also part of our offer!

Choose among:

  • Single package up to 5 kg
  • Family package 5 -10 kg
  • Maxi package 10-15 kg

For example, a mixed package of 5 kg includes:

  • Schnitzel 2 × 2 servings
  • Fiorentina or fillet 1 × 2 servings
  • Roast beef 1 × 2 servings
  • Roast 1 × 4 servings
  • Goulash 2 × 4 servings
  • Minced meat 3 × 4 servings
  • Ossobuchi or plate meat 1 × 2 servings

Please book your order at:
Tel. +39 0472 852105 | Mobile +39 348 9280153 | E-mail


Organic eggs

Fresh eggs from happy hens,

who roam freely in nature …
… who pick around in the lush green…
and you can hear them singing all day.

A happy chicken lays an egg every day, that’s pure luxury!

If desired, we put these eggs in your breakfast basket….

We sell fresh organic eggs, just stop by the farm shop. Upon request, we can also deliver them directly to your home within a 20 km radius.

We exclusively use organic feed and fresh water in the barn and outside, the chicken can peck the green herbs and enjoy lots of sunlight.

And the highlight for the children, every day they may accompany grandma in the chicken coop to collect the eggs.

Fresh eggs from happy hens

Organic fruits & vegetable

We know where it comes from,

and we’ll show you how it grows.

You can taste it and enjoy it. Harvest and process berries and accompany the farmer’s wife during her day. All hand-made! Sown, propagated, planted with joy and love, kept free of weeds through constant weeding. Cultivating and then harvesting, processing, and preparing. Homemade still tastes best because you know what you are eating.

Jams, chutneys, syrups, apple juice, compotes, nuts, herbal salt, fresh fruit, and crisp vegetables depending on the season.

You will find our delicacies in the farmer’s garden and farm shop, as well as in your breakfast basket.

Sun-ripened fruits, aromatic herbs, fresh vegetables flourish in our sunny climate, a high-quality product, a delicious treat.

This is certainly the best way to start your wonderful vacation day!

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